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Who We Are

“Dayal” the name comes from late shree Prabhudayalji Bachhuka popularly known as Dayal at his home town Chirawa back in Rajasthan. Dayal group is involved in various activities of manufacturing and service industry. The different activities include refining of vegetable oils of crops such as soybean, cotton seed, rapeseed (mustard), palm oil, sunflower oil, etc. The group has other major business of cotton ginning & pressing. It has three different units located at three major cotton growing areas of Maharashtra, one of the major cotton growing states of India.

All the three units use most modern techniques of processing. The manufacturing of cotton seed cake and the cotton seed oil from the crushing of the cotton seed, is yet another activity carried out by Dayal group. In the service sector, the Group is involved in the brokerage and commission business of various commodities. We are the Trading cum Clearing member the popular commodity exchanges of NCDEX, MCX and NBOT.

The head office of the group being at Akola (Maharashtra) works at different places through out India. The edible oil refinery is located at Bhabhulgaon village in the out skirts of Akola.

The capacity of which is 125 tons per day. One of the ginning & pressing factory is also located at the same village, other units of ginning & pressing are located in the Yavatmal District, rich in quality cotton growing and trading. One of which is located at Kalamb village and the other one at Wani. The units at Kalamb and Wani being TMC plants, each having the processing capacity of approximately 40 tons (300 bales) of lint cotton per day.

The Bachhuka family being a joint family all the members are involved in the business. Starting from a very small general store, Bachhuka brothers made it to an entire group of industries.

Three brothers Shree Jagdishprasad Bachhuka, Shree Vishwanath Bachhuka, Shree Vasant kumar Bachhuka, and two sons of each brother Shree Bharat kumar Bachhuka & shree Pawan kumar Bachhuka, Shree Vinaykant Bachhuka & Shree Kishor Bachhuka, Shree Manish kumar Bachhuka & Shree Pankaj Bachhuka their sons respectively, are the promoters of the entire group. The group has a policy of giving the worth of what one deserves.